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Conquer These 7 Common Clutter Spaces


Got clutter? No matter who you are, there are always more than a few places where stuff can pile up in your house. Instead of fighting it, conquer your clutter once and for all! 
We’ve picked the top eight most common clutter spots for homeowners and want to give you the ammunition you need to take back your favorite spaces. Let’s get started.



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    To clear clutter from your entryway, you’ll first need to diagnose the situation and ask yourself, “What’s causing the clutter?” The next step is compartmentalizing the space and making it more functional for you and your home. If it’s shoe clutter you’re dealing with, get a shoe rack. If it’s too much mail piling up, consider a wall-mounted mail organizer.

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    Under the Sink

    Left untouched, the space underneath your sink can become clutter-central. To solve this, group similar items together in clear containers so you can see what’s in there. We like these see-through mesh containers from Amazon. Get one for all things dishes: dish soaps, sponges, dishwasher detergent and brushes. Get another for household cleaners: glass cleaner, disinfectant spray and polishes.

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    Coffee Table

    Your coffee table is where old magazines go to die a dusty death. It’s also where remote controls seem to multiply. When it comes to magazines, recycle any subscriptions that are more than 2 months old. For your remote controls, try one of these systems to control your clicker clutter. If you opt for a decorative box to hide your remote controls, paint or spray paint it to match your living room decor.

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    Top of the Fridge

    If it’s been awhile since you’ve peered on top of your fridge, now is the time! After you’ve given it a quick dusting, remove anything that doesn’t belong in the kitchen in the first place. Then, organize the space by what you reach for the most. Keep the items that you use every day the closest to the front. We also recommend corralling all of your items with low, wide storage bins that can fit nicely on top of most regular sized fridges.

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    When it comes to most clutter, the answer is to usually purge what you don’t use. If you’d rather live in a cave than part with your tomes, simply rearrange them! Then, focus your energy on removing anything from your bookshelf that’s not a book. 

    If the bookshelf hosts a lot of knick-knacks, maps, cards or anything else that’s not an intentional décor piece, move most of them elsewhere, but keep a few of your favorite decor items on the shelf. The secret is to intersperse books between your favorite objects! This keeps the shelves from feeling to “blah” and adds some personality to your home.

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    Inside Drawers

    Every home has a junk drawer, but that doesn’t mean that the junk can’t be organized! Open up your junk drawer and take stock of similar items. Group these similar items together with the help of an ice cube tray, Ziploc bags and rubber bands. Writing utensils? Group them together with a rubber band. Paper clips, bobby pins or small office supplies? Toss each of them into their own slot in an ice cube tray. Sticky notes, writing pads or business cards? Toss all paper products into a Ziploc bag.

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    It’s easy to let things pile up on your nightstand – you set down a book before bed, take off your jewelry for the night, etc. And then it stays there! Keep your nightstand clear by trying this trick: Every morning, right after you make your bed, clear your night stand (since it’s right there, anyways). You’ll have accomplished two successful tasks before you even start your morning!





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